Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bu: God of Death and Destruction

Ok, let's start off with this great site that I do some work for now and then.

The Legends of Mernac is a great place for a creator to go hang out or add content in a relatively free and low-pressure environment. The setting is a massive fantasy world with a 10,000 year history (3,000 of it currently available) . You can draw inspiration from the dozens of other writers and hundreds of other artists that have already contributed or the place is literally big enough that you can go off and start your own saga using expansive landscapes, 20 races (with 100s of sub-races) and a collective story still very much in its infancy.

Stories are linked together through common "branches" that allow a reader to continuously travel through the site exploring the volumes already available. There are also multiple search tools and directories if you're interested in something specific.

Administrators are called Gods, with sub admin called disciples. You can find me under my screen name "Freelancer" but I also go under "Bu" the God of Death and Destruction. Seriously, who could pass up a title like that?

If you're in to fantasy at all, odds are there is a place on Mernac for you. New content is added almost daily and there's always something going on in the forums. Stop by and check it out and give me a buzz if you want someone to show you around.

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Siberlee said...

Thank you BU for the wonderful write up! Though you are a Father (in the fictional world), you ain;t hal bad! LOL.

Great to see you blog up.

Let me go link it!