Sunday, April 29, 2007


Well, it's finally here. The insanity has come to a head and we'll be packing everything into a truck tomorrow. I hope to be back up and running sometime the middle of next week and hopefully approaching something like normal by the second week of May. Please check back then. I've got big plans.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Last Day at West Music

Tomorrow will be my last day at West Music. For those of you checking from outside of Iowa, West is the largest music retailer in Iowa and also does a fair amount of business online at: and

West and the Iowa City area have been a home for me and my family for nearly 6 years. The people there are great top to bottom and in the course of my time here I have had the chance to work with many of them directly. Six years accounts for what I consider to be all of my adult life. Thanks to all for the experience, for the great working environment and your willingness to help me along the way. There are many things that I'm sure that I'll miss. But as much as I may regret leaving West Music, I know for sure that I would always wonder about the position that I'm accepting now. Again, thanks to all and good luck in the future.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bu: God of Death and Destruction

Ok, let's start off with this great site that I do some work for now and then.

The Legends of Mernac is a great place for a creator to go hang out or add content in a relatively free and low-pressure environment. The setting is a massive fantasy world with a 10,000 year history (3,000 of it currently available) . You can draw inspiration from the dozens of other writers and hundreds of other artists that have already contributed or the place is literally big enough that you can go off and start your own saga using expansive landscapes, 20 races (with 100s of sub-races) and a collective story still very much in its infancy.

Stories are linked together through common "branches" that allow a reader to continuously travel through the site exploring the volumes already available. There are also multiple search tools and directories if you're interested in something specific.

Administrators are called Gods, with sub admin called disciples. You can find me under my screen name "Freelancer" but I also go under "Bu" the God of Death and Destruction. Seriously, who could pass up a title like that?

If you're in to fantasy at all, odds are there is a place on Mernac for you. New content is added almost daily and there's always something going on in the forums. Stop by and check it out and give me a buzz if you want someone to show you around.

Let's Start Out

Greetings. I am a 26-year-old graphic designer currently living in the Midwest. Although I have "real" dayjob, like many I aspire to a little more. Like a few I'm doing my best to work toward that ideal. I am a largely self-taught writer and a completely self-taught digital artist. I have more than a few quirky little concepts that may rear their heads here and there as time goes by. I'm also the member of several great sites scattered across the web which I will plug shamelessly as they are all really worth a visit. Primarily this will be a place to express my views, show my work, and hopefully start some kind of dialogue with the universe... or whatever. Standby, there's a lot to talk about.